Nour-Packaging is your one-stop-shop for all on-board products for airline, rail and boat commercial and private operators, as well as for yachts and private jet.

From food packaging to serve refreshments to passengers, to on-board equipment, we provide quality and bespoke products (e.g. shape, size, colours, logos, etc.) enabling us to meet all your requirements and supporting you to make your difference.

Environmental Impact

Environmental protection holds a central place in our work. Everyday, we aim to reduce the carbon print of the our products, including food packaging and comfort items.

Being a partner of Zen Altitudes®, we give preference to comfort products composed of natural fibres and biodegradable materials, such as wood or cotton, in order to reduce plastic waste and pollution.

Wooden Comb & hair brush
Wooden toothbrush
Our expertise

We provide a large choice of quality comfort products and equipment for on-board services, in order to help you assit your passenger, guests, and on-board staff throughout their journey. Do not hesitate to inform us about your specific requirements.

Comfort kit
Comb and hair brush
Sleep mask
Tooth brush
Headphones and headphones
Vanity set
  • Cupboards and drawers
  • Containers
  • Cardboard trash container
  • Epos rolls
  • Labels
  • Sickness bags
  • Other upon request
  • Premium comfort products (e.g. Zen Altitudes®)
  • Cosmetic products from leading luxury brands (e.g. Rituals®, Hermes®, Bvlgari®, Aqua di Parma®, etc.)
  • Chinaware
  • Other upon request

Nour-Packaging produces custom-made food packaging for food processors, Quick Supply Restaurant Chains as well as for Travel Industry Markets. For more information, please visit our catering section.

Our innovations

Partner of Zen Altitudes®, Nour-Packaging presents a high quality and environmentally friendly comfort product line, to create your own travel kits and welcome packages.

Zen Altitudes® gives preference to natural fibres and materials (e.g. cotton, silk, bamboo, etc.) to compose its products, providing a unique experience to your guests while preserving the environment at the same time.

For more information, you can visit the Zen Altitudes® website. 

This innovative cardboard trash container with an inside waterproof layer, has been specifically created for the “Trash Compactor” technology, a system compressing all on-board waste. This innovative Trash Compactor is made of one-single cardboard and thereby easy to use. Produced in Europe, its lightweight will also help you to reduce your expenses.

Nour-Packaging presents you the first non-slip high quality chinaware created by KAHLA®. Such innovation, composed of an integrated silicone foot, will ensure your guests to enjoy their meals and beverages even with high wind and turbulence areas!